Philadelphia, PA, USA


Enova melds more than two decades of experience in brick-and-mortar education, online education, and technology into e-learning that meets the needs of adult learners in business, industry, and education.  We design courses that meet learning objectives.  Because we understand how educational organizations work, we can design courses from scratch based on existing course objectives or work with your departments and instructors based on their parameters and yours. We can even write a textbook for your course! 

      • Modular strategies, microlearning, macrolearning, blended learning, responsive (mobile) learning
      • Video, audio, text, external links
      • Interactive activities, gamification
      • Content that’s up-to-date and relevant


Options in E-Learning

Boxed Solutions


Custom Solutions                                                   




Revision Solutions


Monitoring and Reporting

Enova can monitor e-learning programs that reside on your platform or house and monitor them on one of our servers.  We provide instant reporting on completed activities.

Reach out to us to explore how we can help you (and your students!) meet your e-learning needs!