Philadelphia, PA, USA

Who We Are

Our History

Like a Classic tale, Enova Communication’s story begins in medias res–that is, at a timepoint in the middle of a larger story.  Click on Life and Times of Enova to learn the history of how we got from then to now.


Our Philosophy

Since 1998, we’ve applied our insights, dedication, and expertise to meet the needs of clients in the government, health care, business, and education sectors. We’ve learned and experienced a lot since 1995, including a lot about what drives us to do what we do!

When we take our work and yours personally, we invest in your goals, and your challenges become our challenges. That’s fortunate for both of us because we THRIVE on meeting challenges head-on and consider client success the highest reward for our efforts.


Our Practice

Enova is committed to giving clients what they need to meet their goals–whether those are business goals, learning goals, or both.

One of OUR consistent goals is not wasting your time or resources.

That’s why every project begins with a conversation about your vision and goals, followed by a no-cost needs assessment. Yes, you read that correctly. The needs assessment is on us … no strings attached.  When we’ve finished the initial analysis, if you don’t agree that our evaluation and proposed solution will give you what you need AND want, we’ll consider our time spent as a fortunate opportunity to have gotten to know you and your company.


Our Invitation to You

If you’d like to learn more about Enova and how we can help you succeed, head over to the Contact Us page and reach out to us.