Philadelphia, PA, USA


Our Portfolio Policy: Why We Password-Protect Some Items in Our Portfolio

We take our work seriously, and we’re proud to show it off to our existing and potential clients. Because we also take our non-disclosure agreements and client privacy just as seriously, we feel obligated to be aware of who is viewing the materials we’ve created. That’s why we password-protect some of the materials in our portfolio and ask for your contact information so that we can send you the password.

Our policy is simple:

  1. Unless a client specifically permits us to share content we’ve created for them, we don’t include it in our portfolio.
  2. When a client gives us permission to use the content we’ve created for them in our marketing activities:
    1. We will share branded content only when we have explicit permission to do so.
    2. We will share content that may identify the client only when we have explicit permission to do so.
    3. We will never share the full content.
    4. We will not share the content with one of our client’s competitors without express permission to do so.

Please fill out the required fields below to request the portfolio password, and we’ll email it to you.  Once you have it, you can access any of the content in our portfolio. In the meanwhile, feel free to take a peek at the open-access work in our portfolio.