Philadelphia, PA, USA


Organizations and individuals alike benefit from objective perspectives on the messages and content they’re producing or considering. That objective perspective can make a difference between effective communications and those that fall short of expectations and goals.

Enova has considerable experience in publication planning, publication management, and editorial services–developmental, acquisition, line editing, and proofreading. We’ve worked with journals, non-fiction authors, advisory boards, publication managers, novelists, and bloggers!

If you’re looking for copyediting services, we’ll give you an honest evaluation of your messaging and make some recommendations for new ways to reach your audiences.

Organizations need consistent messaging in external communications, including the most basic ones like replies to customer contact requests. Companies also need to have consistent messaging in their internal communications to keep employees on track with your organization’s goals! Enova can help your organization put its best foot forward with effective content for customer service, public-facing exposure (website, marketing, social media) and internal communications (intranet, standard employee contact, and change management documents).



Tell us what you want to say and who you want to say it to. We’ll guide you toward crafting the right messages for the right audiences.